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Join Mum Hive to become a strong, sexy Mama!

Want to experience what our Mum Hive Members are raving about??
Join us for 7 days and learn why they love it!

Want to experience what our Mum Hive Members are raving about??
Join us for 7 days and learn why they love it!

Our Philosophy Is Simple - You Deserve The Best.
You're too special for Basic!

At Mum Hive, we believe mothers are the nurturers most in need of nourishment. We’re committed to empowering you to attain harmony & health in every aspect of your life: through the transformative power of effective movement (that fits in with every mothers routine), positive mindset and a deeply supportive community (that only mothers could create).

Our beautiful, spacious and inviting studio provides a deliciously luxurious setting for mothers to come together in creating a supportive community that understands the unique journey of Motherhood. Experience the strength of unity as you engage in Reformer Pilates and our specialty Hive X functional fitness classes which are all designed to get you feeling stronger, leaner, fitter and more confident than ever before.

Our expert instructors, beautifully designed studio , empowering vibe, and personalized touches contribute to a holistic, nurturing and all inclusive approach to fitness for mothers at every stage of motherhood.

Wonder awaits you when you join us to discover the empowerment and joy that the right movement creates. Fused with our helpful healing community and you have the perfect recipe for elevating your wellbeing and mothering journey.

Founding Member Special

OPENING SPECIAL : Foundation memberships available now! Save over $250 on memberships PLUS receive our Ultimate Confidence-Booster Bundle for Free (Value $550). Click here to learn more about this strictly limited offer!

Now is the time to begin your luxurious fitness journey at our Women only gym: a health and fitness studio specifically for Mothers. Enjoy Reformer Pilates, Yoga and Hive X Circuit group fitness classes while your little ones play in our beautiful creche.
Click “Join Now” to elevate your self-care game with results-based movement, recovery and community.

Join Mum Hive to Thrive - First Time Taster:
$27 for 7 days

7 Days to a strong, svelte & sexy Mumma
Want to experience what every mum is raving about? Of course you do and we can’t wait to share the Hive difference with you. See you soon. x

Memberships designed with Mothers in mind.

Booty meets beauty (or sweat meets style):

Unlimited access to our results-based classes within designer studios

Your body, your workout:

All levels of experience and ability catered to in all classes

Zero judgment space:

Classes for Mothers at all stages with children of all ages


Classes per week


Educational workshops per year

Capped Class Sizes

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